Uan is a major planet in the Tolvan Galaxy and is the homeworld to the Uanian race.

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Uan is a Tier 4 planet and was the first planet to spread the use of Elemental Weapons.

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Uan's government is a monarchy with the Profrak family as its rulers. The highest government official is the Chkari. The Chkari is the son or daughter of the previous ruler. Next is the king or queen: the spouse of the Chkari. Under the king or queen is the T'Kuk, an assembly that approves laws for individual countries and act as judge and jury for international and political criminals. The T'Kuk are usually made up of wealthy nobles, lawyers, and sometimes a few members of the royal familyTraditionally, under the T'Kuk are the rest of the royal family, but their power has become severely limited due to the Uanian-Makunian War. Their power has been almost completely limited to overseeing the Nexult Suprecil. Under them is the Nexult Suprecil, the de facto leader of the entire Nexult Order. After the Suprecil is the Nexult High Council.Next are the Nexult Quans and then the Nexult Septillans. Under the Septillans are the Uanian Elite Guard. Under the Elite Guard is the rest of the army. Lastly are the Nexult Druugas.

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Uan's alliance with Makun is slowly being destroyed due to General/Chkari Calxon Roth's radical changes in Uanian policy. Aeromeda used to be an Uanian puppet state, but their relationship has become strained due to King Iduman's failure to cooperate in Uan's campaign against the Knights of Tarni.

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There are currently two factions whose base is on Uan: The Nexult Order and the Uanian Elite Guard.

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