The Uanian Race is the most prominent race on Uan. Their race controls the various planets of the huge Uanian Empire, and they are very influential in galactic politics.

Lifespan Edit

Uanians reach maturity and become adults when they are 16 years old. Uanians normally live for about 110 - 130 years.

Language Edit

Uanians have several languages due to the various kingdoms that existed before Uan was unified. The Nivalton Kingdom spoke and wrote in Dora'Mun, which became the planet's official language after the Nivalton Royal Family, the Profraks, united the planet. The Tivaali Kingdom originally used Tivaaldum. The Kingdom of Namunda used the language Namunsta. These languages still continue on Uan, but are less prominent and are mostly used in small, isolated communities and towns.

Prominence Edit

Uanians are very prominent throughout the Tolvan Galaxy.

Occupations Edit

Diet Edit

Originally, Uanians ate fruits (such as the Tiomo, Vkhal, and Jeno), vegetables (including the Artopso, Chiebal, and Hjioko), and Chekacuzan eggs.

Natural Predators Edit

Uanians have very few natural predators, the most prominent of which being the Chekacuzan.

History Edit

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